line [n1] mark, stroke; border band, bar, borderline, boundary, channel, configuration, contour, crease, dash, delineation, demarcation, edge, figuration, figure, frontier, furrow, groove, limit, lineament, lineation, outline, profile, rule, score, scratch, silhouette, streak, stripe, tracing, underline, wrinkle; concepts 284,436 line [n2] row, succession; course arrangement, array, axis, band, block, border, catalogue, channel, column, concatenation, crack, direction, division, drain, echelon, file, fissure, formation, furrow, groove, group, lane, length, list, magazine, mark, order, path, progression, queue, rank, ridge, road, route, row, scar, seam, sequence, series, street, string, thread, tier, track, train, trajectory, trench, way; concepts 501,727,738,744 line [n3] cord, rope cable, filament, strand, string, thread, wire; concept 475 line [n4] belief, policy approach, avenue, course, course of action, ideology, method, polity, position, practice, principle, procedure, program, route, scheme, system; concepts 688,689 line [n5] person’s calling, interest activity, area, business, department, employment, field, forte, job, occupation, profession, province, pursuit, racket*, specialization, trade, vocation, work; concepts 349,360 —Ant. entertainment, fun line [n6] ancestry breed, descent, family, heredity, lineage, pedigree, race, stock, strain, succession; concept 296 line [n7] written communication card, letter, message, note, postcard, report, word; concept 271 —Ant. speech line [n8] hint; influential communication clue, indication, information, lead, patter, persuasion, pitch, prepared speech, song and dance*,spiel*; concept 278 line [n9] merchandise carried by store commodity, goods, involvement, materials, produce, trade, vendibles, wares; concept 338 line [v1] border, mark abut, adjoin, align, allineate, array, bound, butt against, communicate, crease, cut, delineate, draw, edge, fix, follow, fringe, furrow, group, inscribe, join, line up, march, marshal, neighbor, order, ordinate, outline, place, queue, range, rank, rim, rule, score, skirt, touch, trace, underline, verge; concepts 79,84,753 line [v2] put covering inside object bush, ceil, cover, encrust, face, fill, incrust, interline, overlay, panel, quilt, reinforce, sheath, stuff, wad, wainscot; concepts 172,218 —Ant. strip, unline

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